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Relationship Remedies is a selection of Karla's best presentations designed to bring health and healing to your relationship with God, others, and yourself. Karla's personal and professional experience enable her to speak from a place of deep understanding of the struggles we have in relationships and the things we can do to live out the life of Christ in them, whether we are dealing with normal relationship struggles or dysfunction. Her use of Scripture-based practical truths will empower you to make changes in your attitudes and actions--even if the other person doesn't change.

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Dear Friend,

Do you struggle with knowing or speaking the truth in your relationships?

Do you find yourself disappointed with God and wondering why he isn’t true to his promises?

Do you struggling with accepting, valuing, nurturing and forgiving yourself?

Do you wait for other people to change so you can have a better relationship?

Do you need new tools to resolve marital conflict?

Do you want to know what characterizes a healthy relationship?

Do you need practical biblically-based Christian relationship help?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you will find practical solutions based on biblical truths in this audio series.

Here are the benefits you will experience from
The Relationship Remedies Audio Series:

✠ You will have simple tools that will enable you and your spouse to resolve marital conflict.

✠ You will be able to speak the truth in love in a powerful and effective way.

✠ You will be able to turn your disappointment with God into acceptance and align your expectations of God with what the Bible teaches.

✠ You will be empowered to change yourself, even if other people don’t change.

✠ You will have a new resolve to love yourself well by accepting, nurturing, valuing, and forgiving yourself.

✠ You will have a clear understanding of the characteristics of a healthy relationship.

✠ You will have an arsenal of new tools to help you in your life and relationships.

Learn how these 6 Audio topics can bring health and healing to your relationships:

Audio 1: 12 Characteristics of Healthy Relationships

Relationships are complicated and all have their difficulties. It is important to understand the components of healthy relationships because it helps you assess how you are doing in yours and also to get additional insight into difficulties you may be having. It also allows you to set goals for improving areas that are weak. This audio provides Scriptures for each characteristic and practical ideas for how each is applied in a healthy relationship.

Audio 2: Turning Disappointment into God’s Appointment

We expect many things from God: health, healing, physical provision, happiness, absence of struggles, and God’s specific direction in our decisions. When we don’t get these things, we become disappointed with God. This audio engages in a candid discussion of what the Bible says about each of these areas. It includes an analysis of what God’s will is for us and the misconceptions we have with hearing God’s voice that can cause us to misunderstand his direction and become discouraged. Find out how you can turn your disappointment into his appointment.

Audio 3: Nine Keys to Successful Marital Conflict Resolution

Conflict in a marriage is inevitable, but in order for it not to be harmful, we need to deal with it in a way that makes it a force for good instead of a force for bad. The audio Nine Keys to Successful Marital Conflict Resolution will enable you to do exactly that. Here is the valuable Christian marriage advice in these 9 keys: Keep your eyes on the goal; Overlook the little things; Confront the big things; Look inward first and outward second; It’s not right vs. wrong—it’s getting mutual understanding; Have a game plan; Give it a light touch; Agree to disagree; and Keep short accounts. Find out how you can apply these nine keys to make your marital conflict resolution successful.

Audio 4: Loving Yourself Well

Most of us don’t do well with loving ourselves. We are experts at taking care of others’ needs and ignoring our own needs. We are also experts at berating ourselves, comparing ourselves, judging ourselves, and condemning ourselves. We offer grace to others but not to ourselves. We push ourselves hard and don’t give ourselves permission to rest and renew. We never feel we have done enough and we never feel that we are enough. This audio will give you scriptural permission to take good care of yourself by analyzing the misconceptions that prevent you from doing it and showing you how to value, accept, nurture and forgive yourself so you can love yourself well.

Audio 5: It’s Time for a Changed Relationship and Let it Begin with Me

We want a lot of things from our relationships and when we don’t get them, we try to change the other person. If you want a changed relationship, you need to focus on changing yourself. This audio gives you 15 things you can do to bring radical transformation to your relationships—even though the other people don’t change themselves at all. This audio corresponds with the 15-Day Relationship Challenge offered free for subscribers to the e-devotionals.

Audio 6: Reconciliation: Doing Your Part to Be at Peace with Others

God desires that each of us do our part to be at peace in our relationships. Reconciliation involves us going to other people when we have harmed them and when they have harmed us. It requires us to speak our truth which isn’t easy, especially if our relationships are difficult. Speaking the truth requires you to first know your truth and then speak your truth. This audio gives you biblical and practical ideas on how to know and speak your truth. It also includes ideas for speaking truth to difficult people in challenging relationships.

Testimonials of Change

“It is rare to hear someone be so practical and truthful about the things we deal with every day in our relationship with God. Karla’s talk on Turning Disappointment into His Appointment was incredible and she brought in many Scriptures to support her premises. I will be very aware of the expectations I have about God and identify the sources of my disappointment with him.”

Doug M.

“I appreciated Karla’s helpful and practical wisdom and genuine transparency. My spirit really responded to what she said and reminded me that my biggest challenge is to keep the focus on changing myself and my own growth, instead of focusing on what I want other people to do. I can’t wait to apply the 15-Day Relationship Challenge principles to my relationships.”

Sheryl H.

“The ladies at our conference loved Karla’s candor and transparency as she shared from her heart and personal experience. The fifteen practical, biblical, and easy-to-apply ideas gave the ladies real ideas on how to change their thinking and acting. It is so important that we recognize that a changed relationship begins with changing ourselves! Otherwise, it's like insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This was a very successful event.”

Cheryl Hyter
Founder of Charmed Influence
Saddleback Community Church

“Our couples thoroughly enjoyed Karla’s talk on Nine Keys to Successful Marital Conflict Resolution. The keys were not only biblical but also practical and easy to do. Karla is a speaker who uses her professional and personal expertise to connect with the audience in an engaging and informative way. She isn’t afraid to share her own personal examples to connect with them in a real way.”

Pantelis Sideropoulos
Director of Family Life, Greece

“I’ve enjoyed every one of these audios. Karla is a great speaker. She uses Scripture to back all of her teaching but gives so much practical information that I needed to listen to each one several times. I can apply so much to my life and relationships: speaking the truth to do my part in reconciling, changing myself, resolving conflict with my husband, working on being healthy in my relationships, loving myself, and having right expectations of God. I highly recommend all of these!”

Heidi V.

Loving Yourself Well was a powerful presentation that not only made a scriptural argument for taking good care of ourselves, but also identified and defused the beliefs we have that prevent us from doing it. As Karla’s talks always are, it was full of practical biblically-based ideas on how to actually love ourselves. The women loved Karla’s honesty and transparency, as well as her wisdom and insight on this topic. If you are looking for any kind of Christian relationship help, Karla has much to offer."

Judi Noble
Director of Eagles Wings Ministry

So, if you find that you are in the midst of complicated relationships or you are struggling with your relationship with God or even with yourself, then I hope you will take the opportunity to listen to these audios that can give you practical steps toward health and healing.

I know you might be hurting, but there are biblical and relationship-changing steps you can take to change yourself and your relationships.

Remember, you are not alone. Just like countless others, you too can learn to walk in wholeness and find the answers you are looking for.

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