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                Hello, my name is Karla Downing.

                  Are you looking for Christian relationship help because your
          relationships are difficult or painful? Do you find yourself
          wanting to force change, fix, control, appease, or rescue?
          Have you tried everything and still find yourself frustrated,
          overwhelmed, and possibly even hopeless?
                  Whether it is a relationship with your spouse, girlfriend,
          boyfriend, adult child, parent, sibling, stepchild, in-laws,
          stepparent, grandchild, grandparent, close friend or any
          significant other, your life and relationship can be different -
          even if the other person doesn't want to change.
                  I understand difficult and dysfunctional relationships
          through my personal and professional experience and know how
          to help. These 12 Biblical and practical principles will change
          your life and relationships. You don't have to feel stuck and
          hopeless any longer!

* How to change yourself

* How to take care of yourself

* How to reach out to find support

* How to deal with dysfunction

* How to speak the truth in love

* How to set boundaries

* How to improve self-esteem

* How to detach with love

* How to face your fears

* How to forgive yourself and others

* How to apply Scriptural truths

* How to let go and enter God's rest

    12 Life Changing Principles for Christians in Difficult Relationships
    These 12 Life Changing Principles will give you the help you have been searching for to transform your difficult relationships.
    Change Yourself to Change Your Life and Relationship
    You can change yourself to change your life and relationships with these biblical and practical ideas that will help you take the focus off changing your loved ones and onto yourself.
    Take Care of Yourself
    Take care of yourself by meeting your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental needs in your dysfunctional relationships.
    Reaching Out to Find Support
    Reaching out to find the right support is an important part of your healing whether it is a 12 Step recovery group, a support group, a mentor, counselor, spiritual leader, or individual.
    Christian Relationship Help for Dysfunctional Relationships
    Dysfunctional relationships are full of confusing dynamics. You can make changes in your life and the relationship by understanding those dynamics and changing your part in them.
    Improve Communication by Speaking the Truth in Love
    Improve communication in your difficult relationships with these practical tools and Biblical teachings.
    Boundaries in Your Life and Relationships
    Do you struggle with setting boundaries in your difficult relationship? Learn how to set boundaries in your life and relationships.
    Improve Self-Esteem to Change Your Life and Relationship
    Learn how to improve your self-esteem by changing your self-image. Become free to be YOU and to see yourself as God sees you.
    Detach With Love
    Detach with love from difficult people and regain the power to live your own life by letting go and applying Biblical truths to change your life and relationship.
    Overcome Fear By Facing It
    You can overcome fear in your relationship. Learn how to face your fears by applying these Biblical truths to change your life and relationship.
    Forgive Yourself and Others
    Forgive yourself and others and set yourself free. Resentment, hurt, regret, and revenge keep you stuck. Understand what forgiveness truly is and isn't.
    What Does the Bible Say About Relationships?
    What does the Bible say about relationships? Plenty but much of it is misunderstood and misapplied. Learn how to apply these Biblical truths to change your life and relationships.
    Let Go and Enter God's Rest
    Let go of the people and circumstances you cannot control by entering into God's rest and learning acceptance and surrender.
    Recognizing and Stopping Abuse
    Abuse needs to be recognized so you can take the steps to protect yourself from all types: physical, emotional, verbal, and spiritual.
    Addictions wreck havoc in the addict's life and in the lives of those that are close to them. Knowing how to deal with addictions allows you to do what is healthy for everyone.
    Affairs are devasting. Trust is broken and so is your heart. Knowing how to respond to an affair, temptation to have an affair, or how to affair-proof your marriage will empower you.
    Christian Dating Tips and Truths
    Christian dating has even more issues to consider than non-Christian dating. Is it God's will? Are you equally yoked? Can you remarry after divorce?
    Christians and Divorce: Help for the Hurting
    Christians and Divorce: Help for the Hurting. Find practical and Biblical help here whether you are going through a divorce yourself, considering it, or helping those who are hurting in a divorce.
    Holiday Tips
    The holidays can be especially trying when you are struggling with difficult relationships and stressful life circumstances. These articles offer tips on how to deal with these circumstances.
    Lay Counseling Materials
    Ministry involves offering lay counseling and relationship help to people in problem relationships. Get resources to help you minister to those who are hurting.
    Start a Study Group
    Start a study group with Karla's materials to further your own healing and participate in the healing of others. Here are some ideas for starting a study...
    Karla Downing's Books
    Karla Downing's books and materials offer relationship help and life-changing principles for Christians in difficult relationships and for those struggling with a distorted self-image.
    Boundaries eBook
    Boundaries with adult children and rebellious teens will give you practical and biblical advice to navigate the many dilemmas you are facing.
    Karla's Life-changing Relationship Video Studies
    Karla Downing offers video downloads of her teachings and studies that give practical and Biblically-based help for difficult relationships.
    Karla's Relationship-Changing Audio Studies
    Karla Downing has audio downloads of her teachings and studies that are practical and Biblically-based help for difficult relationships.
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