Christian Relationship Advice When Help is Needed

Testimonials about Karla’s Ministry

“Karla has removed the burden of false guilt from multitudes of wrong teachings. I’ve truly learned how to live in the freedom Jesus promised when he said, ‘The truth will set you free.’ I now deal with difficult people who refuse to be accountable by checking my own reactions and motives and aligning them to God’s Word. Karla was truly a God-sent gift to me.”

Barb Anthony



“I’m still in a difficult relationship, but my self-esteem and my relationship with God have continued to grow and improve. I’m making changes and am no longer making decisions based on fear. I don’t think I could’ve done it without God, Karla’s words of wisdom, and the encouragement of a few others. I highly recommend Karla’s website and materials!”

Jessica Buchanan



“Karla was a tremendous blessing to us as she shared her Christian relationship advice based on God’s Word. One of the sweetest things was her willingness to stay after she spoke to answer questions. Her unhurried style and frankness was a true ministry to our women.”

Lucy Clayton

Director of Girlfriends Unlimited
Trinity Church Spring Valley, CA



“Karla‘s expertise and perspective on challenging and difficult marriages and relationships is sought by many, as she brings practical and biblical-based truths to bring restoration and healing. She is transparent, encouraging, and personal, as she meets those God places in her path right where they are. Her Bible studies for women have been life changing for many.”

Kay Gadd

Director of Women’s Ministry
Friends Church Yorba Linda, CA



“Karla is an inspirational and down-to-earth speaker, ministering to the hearts and needs of women in difficult marriages and relationships.”

Carrie Payne

Community Leader
Saddleback Community Church, Lake Forest, CA



“Karla spoke to our leaders on How to Minister to Women in Difficult Marriages. She is a relevant teacher for those of us in ministry. Our leaders walked away with practical tools and biblical insights for their own marriages, as well as the women they counsel. With her many years experience and disarming presentation style, it’s easy to see why she’s requested to tackle current issues in marriage.”

Pam Lyons

Leaders in Fellowship Together, Phoenix, AZ



“Karla’s talk on Loving Yourself and Others Well ministered to all the women regardless of age and life circumstances. It was well done, easy to understand, relevant and full of scriptural and practical tools needed to love yourself and others the way God intended!”

Kathy Lewis

Director of Faith Formation
St. Joachim’s Catholic Church, Costa Mesa, CA



“Karla is one of our lay counselors’ favorite speakers with her insights on difficult relationships with many practical, personal, and biblical illustrations.”

Dave Collins

Pastor of Family Life Ministry
Water of Life Community Church, Fontana, CA



“Karla’s personal testimony touched the hearts of women in crisis and enlightened and encouraged those who were not.”

Pennie Crutchfield

MOPS Coordinator, Mentor Moms
Bible Fellowship Church, Ventura, CA



“Karla gave the ladies at our Women’s Weekend Extraordinaire powerful tools to get them unstuck in their lives and difficult relationships.”

Michelle Cavinder

Women’s Ministry Director
Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA



“Our couples thoroughly enjoyed Karla’s encouraging, passionate, practical, and biblically-based message at our Valentines Day Dinner.”

Bob Kohler

Outreach Base Coach
Cypress Church, Cypress, CA



“With rare insight, humor, and personal experience, Karla Downing has a one-of-a-kind perspective on changing the dynamics in difficult relationships.”

Joel Holtz

Producer, KTIS Radio
St. Paul, MN



“Karla’s testimony of her journey to health was compelling and inspiring.”

Jim Jones

Celebrate Recovery
First Evangelical Free Church, Fullerton, CA



“Karla has a profound understanding of difficult relationships, providing hope for those who are hurting. Her Christian marriage advice provides people practical tools that really work.”

Pantelis Sideropoulos

Director of Family Life, Greece



“Karla is part of our lay counselor training team. She delivers a powerful message and a lot of information in a short time. I appreciate Karla’s transparency and the sharing of her personal experience from her difficult relationships. Self-change is necessary to bring about the desired relationship changes in our lives, and her message helps to address how we can do that.”

Vickie Maynard

Assistant Pastor Care and Connection
Community Baptist Church, Fontana, CA