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Are You a Codependent?

Answer these questions to find out:

1. Do you take better care of other people than yourself?

2. Do you obsess about other people by thinking about them, feeling anxious about them, and checking up on them?

3. Do you know what other people feel, think, like and dislike, but are unsure what your own feelings, thoughts, likes, and dislikes are?

4. Do you feel responsible for other people’s choices?

5. Do you change yourself hoping that other people will also change?

6. Do you feel stuck and victimized?

7. Do you try to fix and control people, places, and things?

8. Do you deny reality to cope?

9. Do you have difficulty knowing what your boundaries should be?

10. Do you have difficulty saying no without feeling guilty?

11. Do you allow yourself to be manipulated and controlled by others?

12. Do you lie and cover-up for others’ mistakes?

13. Do you distrust your decisions and feelings?

14. Do you people please, because you fear rejection and desperately need approval?

15. Do you know what is right for everyone else but have difficulty making decisions about your own life?


If you answered YES to two or more questions, you are Codependent.

Mildly Codependent 2-5

Moderately Codependent 5-10

Extremely Codependent 10-15