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Are You an Adult Child of a Dysfunctional Family?

Take this quiz to find out:

1. Do you have trouble with intimate relationships, because you fear being vulnerable and have difficulty trusting?

2. Do you fear being abandoned and find yourself overreacting to the threat of loss of a relationship?

3. Have you created patterns in your adult life that are similar to the ones you grew up with, even though you vowed you never would?

4. Do you feel stuck in the past and unable to let go of things that happened in your family?

5. Do you overreact to things in the present without knowing why?

6. Do you try to control everyone and everything?

7. Do you feel different from others and wonder what normal is?

8. Are you either super responsible or super irresponsible?

9. Are you depressed, angry, unhappy, sad, guilty, fearful, lonely, hurt, or continually frustrated without really knowing why?

10. Are you making destructive choices in your own life and relationships without knowing why or how to stop?

11. Do you create turmoil in your life and relationships, because it feels familiar?

12. Are you loyal to people even when you shouldn’t be?

13. Do you see God as critical and demanding and have trouble accepting His unconditional love?

14. Are you critical of others and extremely critical of yourself?

15. Are you trying to get your parents to give you what you didn’t get from them as a child or is your life unmanageable today because of problems related to your family of origin?


If you answered YES to two or more questions, you are an Adult Child of a Dysfunctional Family and your life is affected by it.

Mildly Affected 2-5

Moderately Affected 5-10

Extremely Affected 10-15