Christian Relationship Advice When Help is Needed

Are You in a Difficult Relationship?

Answer these questions to find out:

  1. Do you frequently think about how you would like the relationship to be different?
  2. Does the other person have an addiction or engage in any activity excessively that affects the relationship?
  3. Do you experience frequent emotional pain because of the relationship?
  4. If “the problem” were gone, would your relationship be instantly better?
  5. Do you have conversations in your mind that you wish you could have with this person?
  6. Are you frustrated and confused about how to handle the relationship?
  7. Is the relationship on a roller coaster of good and bad?
  8. Do you feel bad about how you allow yourself to be treated?
  9. Do you wonder if it is all in your head and whether you are overreacting?
  10. Are you frequently angry with this person?
  11. Do you feel that the person does not listen to you or care about your concerns?
  12. Does the relationship feel hopeless and like it will never change?
  13. Are you picking up the pieces and fixing the fall-out from this person’s choices?
  14. Are you depressed?
  15. Is this person frequently angry with you?


If you said yes to more than two, you have a difficult relationship.

Mildly difficult 2-5

Moderately difficult 5-10

Extremely difficult 10-15