Christian Relationship Advice When Help is Needed

Boundaries with Adult Children and Rebellious Teens

A Biblical and Practical Guide on What to Do and What Not To Do


Dear Friend,

Are you struggling with setting boundaries with your adult child or rebellious teen? Then this eBook will give you the tools you need to learn to deal with the many dilemmas you are facing.

When your child is hurting and making decisions that you know aren’t healthy, you are naturally concerned and looking for solutions. In the midst of the struggle, you might actually do things that make the problems worse.

This eBook will help you to:

  • Feel validated with your emotional, relational, and spiritual struggle.
  • Understand your child’s emotional, relational and spiritual struggle.
  • Learn about the components of a healthy parent to adult-child relationship.
  • Apply the prodigal principles to your child’s situation.


Learn how to use these relationship-changing principles in setting boundaries with your adult children and rebellious teens:

  • Not Hurting You and Not Hurting Me
  • Influence for Good
  • Admit Your Powerlessness
  • Refuse to Enable
  • Deal with Your Guilt
  • Show Your Broken Heart
  • Grieve Your Loss
  • Live Your Life
  • Keep Busy
  • Mind Your Own Business
  • Don’t Respond in Anger
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Get Clarity
  • Give Your Child Time
  • Forgive Everyone
  • Maintain an Open Door
  • Listen to Your Child’s Concerns
  • Get a New Perspective

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So, if you find that you are struggling with setting boundaries with your adult child or rebellious teen, I hope you will take this opportunity to learn and apply the practical steps outlined in this book to help bring health and healing to your relationship.

You don’t have to feel alone anymore. There are countless parents just like you who are looking for answers. They have found them with this eBook.

As you begin to walk in the health and healing God has for you, you will understand how you need to respond to the many relationship challenges you are dealing with.

Book Reviews

diana-c“This is a must read for parents struggling with children who are turning their world upside down. This book turns the parent’s world right side up with God’s words of wisdom to meditate on and Karla’s direct answers on what to do. Every family needs one of these manuals for dealing with problems with their adult children and rebellious teens.”

Diana C.


gwen-h“My husband and I were in a desperate place with our son. I appreciated the practical and clear answers on what to do in real-life situations. It helped me to accept my husband’s feelings and brought us together on a plan we could both support.”

Gwen H.


sondra-s“This is a great read for anyone on a journey with prodigal children who are making choices that are painful for the parents. Every road I’ve walked so far with my teens is covered with helpful information supported by God’s Word. I found inspiration, helpful information, and forgiveness for mistakes I’ve made. It’s a manual I can use for years to come to help me along this challenging, ever-twisting road of being a parent.”

Sondra S.


nancy-k“Karla has shared with us a clear plan for dealing with our adult children and teens with problems backed by biblical wisdom and Scriptures. Not only does she address all the feelings that come with being in a difficult relationship, she encourages boundaries that are healthy for everyone involved. It has helped me release the illusion of control I believed I had and to allow God to work in my child’s life.”

Nancy K.


judy-m“I have finished reading your book and it is great!!! It addresses all conceivable issues that could be a concern for parents of prodigals. I will use it as a manual to navigate the issues that continue to come up with my adult children.”

Judy M.



And it is available for you to buy and receive right now
by just clicking on the “Buy from 2CO” button below:

Only $9.97