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iStock_000010530094SmallThis Christian marriage help offers tools for making your marriage better, whether you find yourself in a healthy or unhealthy relationship. God created Adam then recognized that it wasn’t good for him to be alone, so he created Eve to be the man’s companion and helpmate. Their relationship was transparent, comfortable, and easy. Unfortunately, sin entered their relationship and brought disharmony, strife, blame, and competition. God’s curse included toiling for a living, pain in childbirth, and competition in their relationship.

Sin causes problems in our marriage. As a result, marriage is hard work, even for two healthy people. The more unhealthy patterns and problems you have, the harder the marriage is. For some, marriage is not only difficult, but painful. When your spouse is abusive, angry, addicted, unfaithful, irresponsible, dysfunctional, mentally ill, disconnected, unloving, or controlling, you live in an uncomfortable and challenging place.

Being a Christian in a difficult marriage is even worse than being a non-Christian in a difficult marriage. Not only do you wonder what you want to do, but you also question what God wants you to do, and you struggle to apply biblical teachings to your marriage. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand what the Bible says about relationships, so their unbiblical, unhealthy choices make the problems worse. And most of the available Christian marriage help is designed for healthy marriages. It doesn’t apply to a difficult marriage that only one spouse is willing to work on. Resources for healthy couples, with both trying, only bring more discouragement.

Here are some questions that Christians in difficult marriages struggle with:

  • Does God care about my pain in my difficult marriage, or is he punishing me for my wrong choices?
  • Must I submit to an ungodly husband, no matter what he asks, or can I say no?
  • How do I show respect to a husband or love to a wife who is doing things that are unacceptable, wrong, or harmful?
  • Do I need to continue to forgive my spouse for doing the same thing over and over?
  • To love my spouse, must I tolerate and overlook their wrongs?
  • If love never gives up, always perseveres, and always hopes, can I leave my marriage, or do I have to stay no matter what?
  • Do I submit to my spouse instead of doing what I think is right for my child, or can I put my child first before my spouse?
  • When is it okay to put my needs ahead of my spouse’s needs?  How do I take care of myself if my spouse thinks it is selfish?
  • How do I recognize the truth about my spouse and have boundaries but still keep my heart open?
  • How do I deal with all the “negative” feelings I have toward my spouse? Are they sin?

This Christian marriage help offers answers to these questions and more through articles and resources.  You can take steps to make your marriage and life better, whether or not your spouse is willing to work on it with you.

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