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Affairs-Page-ImageThis Christian relationship help will enable you to understand affairs, affair-proof your marriage, and heal from an affair. An affair occurs when a spouse or committed partner cheats on his spouse or partner by becoming emotionally and/or physically intimate with someone else. There are different types of affairs: one-night stands, emotional affairs with or without physical intimacy, and sexual affairs mainly for the purpose of sex. Some call involvement in Internet chat rooms cheating when it involves sexual content and/or an on-going emotional relationship.

Obviously, the best prevention is to have a great relationship, but all relationships have times when couples have some distance between them. It is important to know when your relationship is at risk of an affair by yourself or your partner. There are warning signs for both and many things you can do to affair-proof your relationship.

Affairs are devastating. Trust is broken along with your heart. Not only are you faced with the pain of your partner being involved with someone else, you are afraid of the loss of the relationship and everything that goes along with it. You wonder what and when to tell your friends, family, and children. Emotions run wild. Anger is directed toward your partner and the person cheating with him/her. You may go through a period where you try to woo your partner back by changing your looks and actions. You try to appease and please to prevent being left. Eventually, you have to decide on whether or not you will continue in the relationship while your partner is cheating. This “tough love” takes time, courage, and resolve.

While almost everyone vows they would never forgive an affair, most do when confronted with the option of either forgiveness or ending the relationship.And the good news is that healing from an affair is absolutely possible; it just has to be done in a healthy way for the relationship to truly heal.

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