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Christian Relationship Help: Dealing with Dysfunctional Relationship Dynamics


12-Princ-4-pic[1]Do you wonder how to deal with the dysfunctional dynamics in your relationships? This Christian relationship help will show you how. Dysfunction is the hallmark of difficult relationships; if difficult relationships weren’t dysfunctional, they wouldn’t be difficult! But it is precisely this fact that makes your life crazy. Learning how to deal with the craziness is absolutely central and essential to making changes in your own life and the relationship.

Dysfunctional marriages produce dysfunctional families that affect children. The dynamics are complicated and confusing, especially when spouses incorrectly believe that they must put the spouse’s wishes and demands above the best interest of their children. Adult children of dysfunctional families produce dysfunctional families of their own–even when they promise themselves they won’t.

The root of dysfunction is sin. Just because someone is saved doesn’t mean that they are healthy. They are still affected by their sin nature and capable of being blinded to the truth about themselves. We are all broken people mostly doing the best we can with what we know.Even difficult people react in ways that feel self-productive and rational given what they feel and believe. It is true that hurt people hurt people. And yet, understanding the reason doesn’t mean you have to excuse it.  You still have the right and responsibility to take care of yourself in the best way possible.

You need to understand what types of problems you are dealing with. Secondly, you need to find resources to support your journey to health whether they are written materials, support groups, or counseling. Thirdly, you need to understand what healthy people do and what healthy relationships look like. Fourthly, you need practical tools and principals to help you deal with the confusing dynamics.

You will find resources here that will help you unravel the complex dysfunctional relationship dynamics in your difficult relationships by empowering you with knowledge about the very thing that is causing you so much frustration and pain. You have to understand “the problem” to plan your reaction to it.

In addition, all of the information on this website is provided to empower you to deal with dysfunction. After you take some time to look at the resources on this page, take some time to look at the other Relationship Resources.

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