Detach With Love

     Learning how to detach with love will revolutionize your life and relationships. People in difficult relationships have trouble separating themselves from their loved ones actions and reactions. It seems that everything their loved one does affects them at some level: emotionally, physically, financially, mentally, and spiritually. They constantly find themselves reacting to and taking on the projections their loved one throws onto them. When people learn how not to react to others, it is easier to stand back and analyze the situation and choose how they want to respond. This gives them back control over their own lives.

     Believe it or not, you don’t have to be affected by everything your loved one says and does. You are a separate person with the responsibility and right to live your own life and make your own choices and to experience the consequences or rewards from them. Your loved one has the responsibility and right to live his/her own life and make his/her own choices and to experience the consequences or rewards from them. You can learn how to care about your loved one and still live your own life by detaching with love.

     Principle 5 teaches you how to stop enabling and to detach from anger, moods, threats, arguments, blame, choices, and crises while still treating your loved one with kindness and compassion. Detachment is a powerful principle that can radically change your life and relationships! Learn this life-changing tool now!

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