Christian Relationship Advice When Help is Needed

Understand Scriptural Truths

 Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved,
a worker who does not need to be ashamed
and who correctly handles the word of truth.

2 Timothy 2:15 (NIV)

12-Princ-5-picWhat does the Bible say about relationships? Plenty! The Bible is all about them, but Christians often have misconceptions about what it says, especially about difficult relationships. These misconceptions make it more difficult for them to do what is right in response to the many dilemmas they face. If you hold any of these common misunderstandings, it is crucial that you correct them so you can understand scriptural truths and apply them accurately.

Here are some questions Christians need answers to in their difficult relationships:

  • Does a wife have to submit to an ungodly husband, no matter what he asks, or can she say no?
  • How does a wife show respect to a husband or a husband show love to a wife who is doing things that are unacceptable, wrong, hurtful, or harmful?
  • Can you set a boundary if it doesn’t feel loving to the other person?
  • How can you honor your parents when they are doing dysfunctional and harmful things?
  • What is a parent’s responsibility to adult children and grandchildren?
  • Do you always have to put others before yourself?
  • Does love equal tolerance? Does love mean preventing people from dealing with the consequences of their actions so they won’t have to suffer?
  • Do you have to turn the other cheek and go the extra mile as Jesus taught in the Beatitudes, no matter what someone does to you?
  • If love never gives up, always perseveres, and always hopes, can you leave your marriage or cut off a relationship with a destructive family member or friend?
  • Does having a gentle and quiet spirit mean a wife cannot speak the truth about anything to her husband?
  • Can you stand up for your rights in relationships, or do you always have to lay them down?
  • Should you accept mistreatment willingly and consider it part of suffering for your faith?

Misconceptions include thinking Christian love means tolerating sin, passivity, endless sacrifice, and enabling and that submission prevents a wife from having boundaries and saying no. Others include believing Christians have to lay down their rights in relationships, always put others first, and make confrontation non-offensive and non-hurtful. These misunderstandings cause you to make unhealthy choices that prolong the problem and increase your pain.

This Relationship-Changing Principle offers you Christian relationship help by correcting scriptural misunderstandings about love, submission, rights, respect, gentleness, perseverance, turning the other cheek, confrontation, and self-care. The Bible clearly has Christian relationship advice that teaches compassionate toughness, healthy sacrifice, strong boundaries, laying down your rights and standing up for your rights, mutual respect in relationships, self-care, and offering trust wisely.

You can understand scriptural truths and apply them to your life and relationships today. The truth will set you free!

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