Christian Relationship Advice When Help is Needed


  • Books

    bookKarla has two books on the 10 Relationship-Changing Principles. She also has a book on self-image and an e-book on boundaries with adult children and rebellious teens.
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  • Video Studies

    videoKarla also has her two classes on the10 Relationship-Changing Principles available in video format suitable for your group and/or individual uses. The videos are available as downloads or as tangible copies with a downloadable study guide.
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  • Free 15-Day Devotional

    freeKarla offers a free devotional with 15 Relationship-Changing truths you can put into practice in your life and relationships immediately.
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  • Audio Studies

    audioKarla teaches classes on her three books and offers the studies as downloadable audios and study guides. She also offers the audio downloads of a study on the Twelve Steps and other packages of various talks.
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  • Audio Singles

    audio-sinAll of the audios from Karla’s classes, interviews, and talks are available as single audio downloads.
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  • Relationship Consultation

    phoneKarla offers 30- or 60-minute phone consultations for personal growth and relationship issues.
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