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The Truth in the Mirror: A Guide to Healthy Self-Image

book3The Potter looked at His creation and said, “It is good.” Can you look at yourself in the mirror on the wall or the mirror in your mind, and say, “His creation is good?” Or, do you criticize and tear yourself apart externally and internally?

Experience a new sense of self-acceptance in discovering your real image and becoming all God intended you to be. Discard the reflected, projected, damaged, stained, and false images that you carry. Learn to let go of people pleasing, useless comparisons of yourself to others, unrealistic ideals and expectations, shame, perfectionism, regret, and guilt.

Chapter 1: Self Image Learn how your self-image is formed and why God wants you to have good self-esteem.

Chapter 2: Damaged Images Recognize the distorted and inaccurate messages other people have given you throughout your life and replace them with the truth.

Chapter 3: Projected Images Understand that other people project their own inadequacies and insecurities onto you.

Chapter 4: Reflected Images Choose your own standards rather than measuring yourself by the standards of other people, the church, the media, and society.

Chapter 5: Stained Images Look honestly at the things you regret, recognize you did the best you could, and let them go.

Chapter 6: False Images Risk taking off your masks to be honest about who you really are.

Chapter 7: Real Images Accept yourself for who you were created to be so that you can live transparently with confidence.

Chapter 8: Maintaining Your Real Image Plan to maintain your real image once you find it.

Chapter 9: Protecting the Self-Images of Others Protect the self-images of others by encouraging, accepting, and valuing them.


Book Reviews


“It isn’t necessarily an easy task to find out the truth about yourself, but this book walks you through the process by getting underneath the masks, layers of denial, and lies that have developed through the years. Peeling back these layers and getting to the core of who you really are is well worth it! I highly recommend this very practical and insightful book to anyone who desires to honestly look at their self-image.”

Rebecca T.


“Truth in the Mirror targets the beliefs I have held onto about myself. I have known they weren’t founded on truth, but I never knew those thoughts were so destructive. I am now committed to taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, which includes only believing what is true about myself. This will revolutionize all my relationships.”

Theresa B.


“My mom bought me this book and after reading The Truth in the Mirror, I can honestly say that everyone should read this book by their early twenties—before they make a lifetime of decisions based on their faulty self-images. All young girls struggle with their body image and constantly compare themselves to others. It was incredibly freeing to know that the basis for a good self-image and improved self-esteem is to stop comparing myself to others.”

Shawna C.


“We all tend to be harder on ourselves than we are on others. This book helped me see and let go of the unrealistic expectations I was holding myself to. As a result, I have a new sense of self-acceptance, self-worth, peace, and joy.”

Heidi V.


“I’ve struggled with the decisions I have made that have affected my life negatively. The chapter on stained images set me free. It gave me permission to let go of the past and live my life fully in the present. I’ve also struggled with feeling that I am not good enough. The book helped me see that my worthiness isn’t based on my achievements or possessions, but on the fact that God created me in his image to be none other than me.”

Dan K.