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A Devotional Designed to
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  Day 1: Accept Others’ Differences
  Day 2: Overlook the Little Things
  Day 3: Mind Your Own Business
  Day 4: Live and Let Live
  Day 5: Practice Courtesy
  Day 6: Accept Your Powerlessness
  Day 7: Let Go of Your Resentments
  Day 8: Know Your Limits
  Day 9: Own Your Own Choices
Day 10: Take the Initiative
Day 11: Let Go of Expectations
Day 12: Make Living Amends
Day 13: Stand Firm in Your Truth
Day 14: Give Up People Pleasing
Day 15: Risk Being Vulnerable

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I am in a difficult marriage where I have focused on changing my husband, while ignoring the things I can do to change myself. This “15-Day Relationship Challenge” was definitely challenging, but I can already see a difference! Lori S.

Finding your materials was an answer to fasting and prayer. Thank you so much for communicating exactly what I needed to hear in the gently persuasive way I needed to hear it. I have gone through the 15-Day Relationship Challenge twice in the past 24 hours and am planning to go through it twice a month until it really sinks in! Rachelle C.

Wow! I love the Relationship Devotionals. I use them for my difficult and not-so-difficult relationships. I love the Bible verses mixed with the relationship truths and challenges. They are easy to use and easy to apply. Patty M.

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